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  • Mystery Man Puchases Groceries for Strangers

    We think it's AWESOME when someone allows us to be a part of their generosity... Thank you to this special friend from all of us and all of those you touched.

    You can help too - click on the Independence From Hunger tab at the top of our Facebook page to donate today.


    Mystery Man Purchases Groceries for Strangers

    In today's edition of the "Good Stuff," a mystery man strolls into a grocery store, and makes the day of many unsuspecting shoppers. CNN's Michaela Pereira reports.

    Typically, when someone walks up to the register at a grocery store, he or she seeking the whereabouts of the dairy aisle, or maybe where one can find the organic apples.

    But an enigmatic shopper at a grocery outlet Concord, California is anything but average.

    He waited patiently at the register while the clerk scanned every item from a random customer, according to store supervisor Jaime Flores.

    And then pulled out a wad of cash to pay.

    He did this not once, twice or even three times.

    Half a dozen customers were the beneficiaries of his good will, and this Zorro of Aisle 7 spent over $600 on strangers by day's end.


    Link to the CNN article and video here: Mystery Man Purchases Groceries for Strangers

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  • Grocery Outlet in your Pocket? We’re GOing places with you!

    Are you connected on your mobile phone? Do you Facebook on-the-go? Do you use your phone to shop? Now Grocery Outlet can go with you wherever you are!

    Download Android version: Android
    Download the iOS version: iOS

    We just announced our brand new FREE Mobile App! Now you can find GO on the go. The GO App has a number of useful tools for our shoppers:


    Mobile App



    Do you often wonder where the closest GO is when you are on the road? You know we have the best deals in town, but when you aren’t near your favorite GO how do you find the closest one?

    Using your phone’s GPS, the GO App will show you the store closest to your current location. When you tap on the location you’d like, it brings up the stores profile information - address, phone number, hours of operation and directions to THAT store!


    Store Finder


    If you love getting our ad in your email in-box, why not take it with you on your phone? As soon as we have a new ad available, you can have it right in the palm of your hand. Need to make your list for your shopping trip from the ad, there it is - right on your mobile app!




    3. COUPONS
    We don’t do them often but when we do, you can have them right there handy! Click on the Coupon tab, select your coupon and VOILA! There is a time limit to redeem the mobile coupons, so please don’t click redeem until you are at the check-out.




    Remember, it’s free & easy! And we’ll be adding useful tools as we get them. GO download it right now...

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  • San Marcos Grocery Outlet Provides Relief to Local Firefighters

    As wildfires spread though San Diego County, residents and businesses did everything they could to make sure they were prepared and out of harms way during the emergency.  San Diego was experiencing nearly a dozen fires at one time and the San Marcos Grocery Outlet, located in San Diego County, was particularly close to the fires and had to act fast.

    “We were very fortunate that the San Diego firefighters did such an incredible job and protected the San Marcos community,” stated Henry Martinez, one of San Marcos Grocery Outlet’s store owners and operators. “With scorching temperatures over 100 degrees, we wanted to help out the firefighters who were working day and night to protect our city.”


    San Marcos Fire


    Henry and Breana, the store owners of the San Marcos Grocery Outlet supported the San Marcos Fire Department by donating a crate of water, totaling nearly 300 gallons of water, and 37 cases of granola bars as a thank you for their efforts.

    Due to the large size load, Henry made a call to the North County Food Bank to see if they could help with the delivery. By noon on Thursday, the water and granola bars were loaded onto a truck along with additional donations from the North County Food Bank and American Red Cross and delivered to the San Marcos Fire Department.


    Supplies for Firefighters

    Thankfully, the fire was 100 percent contained and the temperatures have cooled.  We are thankful for the incredible efforts of the firefighters and first-responders. Grocery Outlet will always be ready to help when needed.  

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  • GO Buyer Shares the Secret to Finding WOW Products for Your Shopping Bag

    We sat down with Kai to chat about how our buyers find the best products and offer them for less than traditional retailers. Here’s what she had to say:

    Kai Mitchell

    I don’t understand why I can’t find the same things every time I shop – why is that?

    Kai: As a buyer, we look for amazing opportunities to bring products to your store. Sometimes this means that we purchase close-outs, over-production lots or promotional packaging that can’t be currently sold in other stores.

    We are able to get products that might otherwise end up unused or disposed of because it couldn’t be used in a traditional retailer. The product is still fresh and usable – and you can buy it for a fraction of what you would pay for the same thing, in a different package elsewhere. Once these special purchases sell out, they are gone. That’s why we say to come in often and stock up when you see a WOW deal.

    For example: a manufacturer was asked to create a special promotional 2-pack of deodorant for a national retailer. They forecasted more than the retailer actually purchased and they offered the excess to us – and it ends up on the shelves for you.

    Why is it that I can find products at GO for so much less?

    Kai: We’ve been around since 1946 and in that time we’ve developed some long-lasting relationships with vendors that trust us to be a great resource for them. Often times, a new vendor comes to us with an offer because they’ve heard about the way we operate. And there are other times where we seek out vendors – we meet them at tradeshows or find out that a product was sold to a new company.

    Our philosophy is to get back to our vendors immediately when they make us an offer. We take the products from them immediately so they don’t have to store it longer than necessary. We also purchase the products for a fair value – which our vendors place a high value on, enhancing our relationship with them. Many of our vendors also like knowing that they are helping a community – from the small business aspect of the independent operator to how that operator helps the community they are servicing. We really do live the “it’s just like family” philosophy and that extends to our vendors.

    I was in one Grocery Outlet and it didn’t have what my regular store had… was it sold out?

    Kai: It might have sold out or it may have been a special selection for the store. Sometimes one store will have something different than another, but there are many products that all of our stores will have in-stock. Variations come from the differences from store to store – this is the beauty of the independently owned and operated. We will make items available to purchase and the operator will bring it into the store if it is something that they think their customers will snap up. So one store may carry lots of NOSH items because their community loves the natural & organic selections, where another store may have a smaller selection but has an amazing selection of wines.

    We heard that you are now buying for the Health and Beauty section – what can we expect to see?

    Kai: We’re looking for WOW deals from conventional brands and natural product companies. Selections we’re looking to expand are the cosmetics we offer our customers – bringing in more high quality make-up choices for you. We’re also looking to expand our hair care selections – offering more variety of the brands you know and some hidden gems too.

    What’s the favorite GO product you have in your home right now?

    Kai: I love the organic maple syrup… who doesn’t love syrup?

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  • Beauty Blog: Better Hair in 7 Days!

    SarahWe have an exciting product on the shelves of every Grocery Outlet Store—CLEAR 7 Day Scalp & Hair Beauty Treatment! This seven day treatment is designed to give you softer, silkier, smoother hair in just one week.  If you check out the reviews online you’ll see that this is a 5 star product!  You’ll pay up to $15.99 for this product at drug stores—or $14.98 at WalMart, but you can buy the CLEAR 7 Day Scalp & Hair Beauty Treatment for just $3.99 at Grocery Outlet.  This is a 73% savings—can you say SCORE!?

    This product is super easy to use and smells amazing. The scent seems a little strong at first, but after you wash the treatment out of your hair, you’re left with just a light smelling fragrance and super silky hair. Personally, I have very dry and damaged hair from over processing and coloring—the CLEAR 7 Day Scalp & Hair Beauty Treatment made my hair so much more manageable and softer after just one usage! Plus, for just 3.99, what’s not to love?

    Hurry in to your Grocery Outlet to find the CLEAR 7 Day Scalp & Hair Beauty Treatment!



    Clear Hair Treatment

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  • 20% off Wine Sale!

    For 5 days only, all wine at Grocery Outlet is 20% off!  Our prices are already 40-70% off regular store retails, so you can save an additional 20% during the sale, Wednesday November 6th - Sunday, November 10th!

    Also, save with us when you buy your Thanksgiving turkey at Grocery Outlet. Spend a minimum of $30, and get a 14-16 lb frozen turkey for just $9.99!


    20% off All Wine

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  • 20% off Vitamin Sale!

    Vitamin Sale


    For the FIRST TIME EVER—Grocery Outlet offering 20% off All Rexall Naturalist Vitamins & Supplements!

    This doesn’t require a coupon—just waltz on into your local Grocery Outlet during the 5 Day Promotion (October 2nd-October 6th) and receive 20% off of each Rexall Naturalist vitamin or supplement!

    Grocery Outlet carries Rexall Naturalist at very affordable prices everyday.  These vitamins are made fresh for us from one of the world’s top supplement suppliers, with only the highest quality ingredients!

    Hurry in! This sale only lasts for 5 days – stock up and save!

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  • Evolve Muscle Milk

    The next generation of MUSCLE MILK products has hit the shelves everywhere—including your local Grocery Outlet! Evolve is Muscle Milk’s new take on the Muscle Milk Light line, with the catchphrase: It’s Evolved.


     Muscle Milk Evolve

    This new formula has been modified not only to have natural flavors, but also to now include Tonalin, which has been proven in many studies to dramatically aid in weight loss and muscle building.

    Hurry into your local Grocery Outlet and SCORE a 4 pack of Evolve ready to drink protein shakes for just $2.99!  You’ll pay up to $7.49 elsewhere, but buy it in our stores today and save up to 60%!

    These shakes come in a variety of flavors—varying by store. Most stores will have Muscle Milk Evolve in the natural Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

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  • Beauty Blog: Nail-ed It!

    If there’s one beauty regime I have trouble with, it’s painting my nails. I don’t have the time, the energy, or the willpower to sit with a bottle of nail polish, painstakingly paint each nail, only to accidentally touch something and ruin the whole hand. SarahAs if painting my nails one color wasn’t hard enough, the trends in nail art suddenly exploded and it was no longer ‘fashionable’ to have your nails only one color—there had to be intricate designs, patterns, themes! What was a girl to do but just stand by the wayside admiring all of those other girls with pretty nails?

    Someone in the beauty industry must have shared the same pain I had and decided to take action with Nail Art Strips—nail polish strips that are dry to begin with, can be repositioned after application, and have beautiful designs that could only come with hours of work and lots of money spent at the salon—it was as if my prayers had been answered.

    Before beginning work at Grocery Outlet, I was buying the same nail polish strips from CVS for 9.99 or more! I didn’t realize Grocery Outlet was able to buy the strips on closeout and retail them for just $2.99!  This is quite the steal, but thanks to a recent super-duper-exclusive closeout buy from Revlon, we’re going to be selling these Nail Art Strips for ONLY $1.50! Now that’s not just a deal, it’s a “SCORE!” This was a one-time specialty buy from Revlon so stock up while you can!

    Revlon Nails

    Another awesome perk about Nail Art Strips: the stinky nail polish smell is SUPER minimal. You could put these on almost anywhere—it takes less than 10 minutes to do!  Because of the zero dry time, you can do your nails in the car on a road trip, on the bus or train during a commute, or right before a night out!

    They are fun, easy, and oh so very chic!—and MUCH cheaper than a specialty salon manicure.

    TIPS: Use a basecoat to make the strips adhere to your nails better and prevent peeling…you won’t be able to reposition them, but if you’ve played with Nail Art Strips before, you should be fine. Even though a top coat isn’t necessary—I like to add one for some extra shine and protection. Your nail art (with these tips) should last about 2 weeks! And yes—these strips come off with nail polish remover.

    It does take a little bit of practice, but they are VERY EASY to apply and take off—plus you’re given several extra strips…just in case you mess up a little.

    Fancy nails

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  • Beauty Blog: Myoplex Lite Ready to Drink

    Summer is just around the fog belt here in the lovelySarah Bay Area—however, for our Grocery Outlet stores in other areas, summer is in full swing.  And what better way to prepare for summer than to get into shape?

    Let Grocery Outlet be your one-stop-shop for all sorts of name brand protein and nutrition supplements! Powders, Bars, Vitamin & Mineral Supplements, Ready to Drink—we’ve got it all and at crazy awesome closeout prices!

    One special deal we have going on right now is a Myoplex Lite RTD (Ready to Drink) item in a delicious Chocolate Fudge Flavor. The Myoplex Lite RTD is not only packed with 20 grams of protein, per 11 ounce shake—it also contains: 5 grams of Fiber, Antioxidants, & 22 Vitamins and Minerals. Did I mention each shake is only 170 calories?! That’s less than most sodas!

    Try the 18pk we’re now selling for $14.99—which is just about a 50% off what you’ll pay elsewhere! Or if you’d rather just have one, those are $0.99 per shake! You’ll pay up to $29.99 elsewhere—for the 18 pack!




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  • Beauty Blog: Color Me a Trendy Saver!

    A fun and easy way to change up your look without emptying your pocket book? Try a new hair color! Changing the style, color, or cut of your hair can Sarahdramatically change your appearance and give you a fresh look.

    At Grocery Outlet we’ve got an assortment of hair color from Nice ‘n Easy by Clairol. What’s nice about most of these Nice ‘n Easy items is that they’re non-permanent! Try a new shade of brown or go ‘back to black’ without the huge commitment!  Non-permanent hair color gradually washes out of your hair over time—the box says it will last about 28 washes.

    Elsewhere, a box of Nice 'n Easy hair color retails for up to $7.99! Shop Grocery Outlet and spend only $3.99! For just $3.99—how can you afford to not try something new and exciting with your hair? 

    You save up to $4 on Nice 'n Easy hair color.  While you're at it, get some with a friend and have a home beauty night.  Do your nails as you wait for your hair to process with our great nail products—also in the Health & Beauty Care aisle.


    Nice 'n Easy

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  • Beauty Blog: Vicks Nature Fusion

    It’s about that time of year that more people are sniffling, coughing, and feeling ill. This is the time of flu shots and cough drops, warm Sarahbeverages and cold remedies. For all of your seasonal ailments and more, Grocery Outlet has you covered.

    Many of us are familiar with the soothing effects of NyQuil, which gives you much needed rest but suppressing symptoms while you don't feel well.  Vicks has come out with a new, effective remedy for those pesky sniffles, coughs, and blah feeling of being sick: Nature Fusion.

    If you haven’t heard of this stuff, you should come on in to your local Grocery Outlet and check it out! Nature Fusion is Vicks's solution for natural, healthier, and more eco-friendly cold and flu symptom relief.  It's made with real honey, and is absolutely gluten, dye, and alcohol-free, which is uncommon in the medicine market.

    Please keep in mind that this is in fact a medicine—although it’s made with real honey and smells like honey, it’s going to taste like medicine.

    Vicks Nature Fusion comes in several varieties.  At Grocery Outlet, we’re happy to carry Nature Fusion Cough Remedy and Multi-Symptom liquid or if you’d prefer caplets—we’ve got those too. Each is selling at a Grocery Outlet near you for the low price of $5.99! We’ve even got a double cough and cold whammy value pack for $9.99!


    Nature Fusion

    There’s no time like the present to start preparing for the dreaded season of cold and flu—especially at the great prices and values that Grocery Outlet offers. While you’re in, be sure to check out our selection on cough drops! We’ve got bags and bags of Halls Cough Drops which are being sold for the phenomenally low price of $0.99 per bag! There couldn’t be a better time to stock up on these cold remedies.


    Halls Cough Drops

    It’s better to stock up now when you’re healthy, so if and when cold and flu strike you’ll be prepared to stay in and remedy those pesky symptoms with some old-fashioned rest and new-fashioned cold medicine.

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  • Beauty Blog: Get the Skinny on Skinny Girl


    This past week Grocery Outlet ran an AD featuring the new and exciting Skinny Girl line by Bethenny Frankel. Many of us know her for the Skinny Girl Margarita and assorted other mixed drinks, but she seems to be a jack of all trades these days: skincare line, shaping body wear line, nutrition line…what’s next?

    We got an awesome deal on Skinny Girl products, so naturally we are sharing it with you! The unusual thing about this buy is the breadth of product we got—we are almost able to carry the complete Skinny Girl line! That amount and variety of product is rare in a closeout deal.

    More importantly, these products are a great value. If you go to Target, Walmart, CVS, or even you’ll see that this skincare line retails anywhere from $5-$16—but at Grocery Outlet, we’re selling Skinny Girl for $1.99-$4.99. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Items that I’m most excited about:

    Skinny Girl Lip Balm Shimmer—for when you want to keep things fun but not flashy. The Plumping Lip Gloss also has a lovely shimmer to it. And for $1.99—what’s not to love?! With ingredients like Shea Butter and Castor Seed Oil, lips will look luscious and be moisturized!


     Skinny Girl


    Skinny Girl Cleansing Facial Cloths—I’m addicted to facial cloths, because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to walk over to the sink and wash my face. These particular facial cloths have Aloe, Chamomile, Cucumber, and Willow Bark, which have natural anti-inflammatory properties. They’re only $2.99 for a pack of 25! These are great to pack in your bag to use after hitting the gym, yoga studio, or even doing a little gardening outside—or you could be like me and use them instead of washing your face, which might not be the best thing to do, come to think of it.

    Skinny Girl Tinted Daily Moisturizer SPF 15—I wear sunscreen every day—if you don’t already, you should too! Finding a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen is wonderful, especially if you’re not one to wear very much makeup, but want just a little bit more coverage. This is a great product to use as your base if you wear foundation. We carry this in three different shades: Sand, Beige, and Mocha. For $3.99, it’s hard to beat this awesome deal.


     Skinny Girl on Shelf


    If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about the Skinny Girl Skin Care Line, you should know that Skinny Girl does not test on animals. All of the products smell great, feel great, and are a great value! So hurry in and try Skinny Girl before we run out!

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  • 2012 Bobbleheads!

    Back by popular demand!  Introducing our 2012 Second Edition Bobbleheads!
    Last year, we launched our bobblehead promotion with our frugal friends, Ben, Tammy, Doug, and Lois.  It was so popular that we brought it back for 2012, but with all-new, limited 2nd edition bobbleheads!


     2012 Bobbleheads

    Next week, we’ll be releasing the 2012 Ben Saven, but in the meantime, we wanted to give you a little preview and instructions on how you can take home your own FREE bobbleheads.

    Here’s how:
    With every $25 purchase*, you will earn a Bobble Buck on your cash register receipt.  Collect FIVE Bobble Bucks and receive a FREE bobblehead.
    *Excludes alcohol and gift card purchases.

    • Limited to stock on hand
    • Sorry, no rainchecks
    • Limit of 4 per character per customer
    • Not available on commercial sales
    • Maximum 20 Bobble Bucks per transaction

    We got extra this year so we wouldn’t run out as quickly, but our bobble friends are available for a limited time only, so be sure to stop in to get yours as they are released!

    Ben Saven – available October 8th
    Tammy Underspend – available October 22nd
    Doug – available November 5th
    Lois Prices – available November 19th

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  • Beauty Blog: Nutra Nail's Gel Perfect Manicure

    Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m the new Assistant Buyer for Health and Beauty Care at Grocery Outlet! Working here these past few weeks started to make me wonder what our products were really like, so my guest posts on the SarahBargainista Blog will give you the rundown on Grocery Outlet beauty products and real-life product tests, how-to’s, and fun ideas on how to use them.

    Our first topic is Nail Polish. Grocery Outlet carries a variety of nail products, and this week we will be looking at Nutra Nail’s Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Color Manicure.

    This nail color comes in twin packs—so you’re getting 2 Gel-Color polishes for $8.99—already a pretty neat deal, but let’s take a closer look.  The packaging promises that the polish sets 5 minutes and I’ll get a "lasting patent leather shine."

    Anyone who has ever had a ‘gel manicure’ at a salon knows that it can take close to an hour if not longer.  The payoff is that the manicure will last for at least two weeks without chipping—while maintaining a glossy finish—as compared to a regular manicure.   I’m going to test it out and see if that’s true.


    Before we begin, a few things to remember about any sort of nail polish: paint your nails in a well-ventilated area and give yourself enough time to paint your nails—plus dry time.

    This nail color kit comes with a handy-dandy instruction sheet, which seems easy enough to follow, along with three different little bottles: gel color, activator, and brush cleaner.  If you follow the directions on the sheet provided, everything should go smoothly.


    Included in Kit




    As someone who isn’t very good at painting her own nails, I found this product to be extremely user-friendly.  For example, I didn’t manage to strike the perfect balance of gel color and activator—but conveniently there’s a Q&A on the back of the instruction sheet.  My nails weren’t drying quickly, so I ran some cold water on my hands and viola!  The color set!  And I was left with a very vibrant red color on my nails that gleam like patent leather.




    For $8.99, this is a super fabulous deal! Especially since elsewhere this product will be sold anywhere from $9.99 - $14.99 for a single pack, while Grocery Outlet is selling a 2-pack for $8.99—so that’s about $4.50 per pack! And you could save up to $10.49 per pack!  Wow!  What a deal!

    I was surprised by how quickly the polish set and how shiny my nails are! The packaging advertisements were right—my nails dried fast, the color is vibrant, and they are patent leather shiny!



    And if you want to change up your nail color, Grocery Outlet also carries the Nutra Nail No-Mess Express Gel Perfect Remover for $4.99 (five individually packaged nail polish remover pads) although 100% acetone polish remover will work as well. This retails for up to $7.99 elsewhere!



    Give it a try, and let us know how it goes on our Facebook page.  I think you’ll be really surprised at how great a manicure you can give yourself.  See you next time!

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  • Meet our Winner!

    This is Misty Penmen, of Hemet, California.  Misty won the Grand Prize in our Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes of the Ford Fiesta car.  She opted to take the prize money instead of the car.  Here she is, holding her check.

    Congratulations Misty!

    Misty Penmen, winner of the Ford Fiesta Sweepstakes!


     Thanks to all who entered, and good luck next time!

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  • Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes!

    We're happy to announce our Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes, where you can enter to win a 2012 Ford Fiesta and several other great prizes!  Celebrate with us by entering our contest—click here to get started:

    Enter Fan Fiesta Contest!

    Fan Fiesta Puppets



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  • Bargain TV: Frozen Food Month!

    March is National Frozen Food Month and Grocery Outlet is celebrating in a big way with spectacular deals! Get a peek "behind the curtain" as Christopher tours the cold distribution facility that all frozen food and deli items are received and delivered fresh to our stores. 

    If you were an ice sculptor, what would you sculpt? Do you ever get nosicles? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  • Bargain TV: What to Get your Valentine

    This Valentine's Day, we've got you covered at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Let Christopher show you all of the great deals that you can pick up for your sweetheart without causing heartache for your wallet!

    What are you planning for your valentine? What's the best valentine you've ever received?

    Assignment time: what's your favorite chick flick? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Gifts Under $10!

    Check out this week's Bargain TV and see the amazing Holiday Gifts that you can find at your local Grocery Outlet for less than 10 dollars!

    Christopher outlines this week's ad, which is full of great deals that are surely on your Holiday shopping list, so hurry in and don't miss this opportunity to save big!

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