Scam Alerts

Scam Letter #1 – Grocery Outlet Evaluation

A person receives a letter from "Grocery Outlet Evaluation Inc.". The address on the letter is the Grocery Outlet corporate address. The company claims to be a secret shopping employment firm that has selected this individual to participate in this program. Along with the letter are a Company Evaluation Sheet and a check for $3,154.24. The person is then asked to cash the check, and visit various stores to spend a portion of the money, i.e. Burger King $20.00, Radio Shack $25.00 etc. One of the stores to visit is a Money Gram Store where they are to purchase a money order for $2,535.00 that they are to mail off to an address in New York. The person can keep $435.24 of the money as pay and expenses for their work.

The fraudulent check bounces. GOI has protection from this as does our bank, so the person who cashed the check ends up owing the money to the bank that cashed it.

Click here to see a copy of the letter.