Grocery Outlet Truck

Handling your brand with care!

A significant part of our success is based on respect for your brand. We take every precaution to maintain a partnership of trust and dependability. We always follow your specific instructions in matters such as special signage, relabeling, or custom distribution. We also have advanced capabilities for data interchange (EDI, EFT).

Grocery Outlet provides a single product-specific channel of distribution. Products move through our distribution centers in California and Oregon, and then immediately into our stores. We guarantee that no product will ever make its way into another distribution channel without prior approval. Our distribution centers located in Sacramento, CA and Portland, OR, and perishables warehouses in Modesto, CA, and Spokane, WA, use computerized tracking devices to provide controlled distribution, monitor close-dated products, and offer automated recall. We also have the capacity to help recondition your product when you need it, in order to provide you with the greatest cost recovery. We can:

  • Label
  • Strip and relabel
  • Label or relabel canned meat and meat products (USDA #3356)
  • Add stickers to products such as short weight
  • Sort for quality problems
  • Change packaging as required, remove hazards and repack components
  • Repack bulk product into consumer sizes